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How to be BOLD: Making microplastics visible

| aktualisiert am 8.November 2022 - Innovation 

Valerie Hengl is the founder and CEO of Purency. Her company makes microplastics visible. How? By prodiving data analysis solutions to labs enabling fast, scalable and unbiased analysis of microplastics to protect the consumers and the environment.

Purency ist a company that automates the data analysis of microplastics measurement to accurately and quickly recognize the type, number, and size of microplastics. Why? Because there is hardly any reliable knowledge about plastic particles below 100 µm.

In this episode of "How to be BOLD", company founder Valerie Hengl talks about how she knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur, what her boldest caree move was so far and why she is doing what she is doing now.

BOLD is a global community initiated by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The ideas generated within our community result in actions and knowledge that have a positive impact on businesses, research, and societies on a global scale. In short: BOLD connects brilliant minds cross-industry and creates unique opportunities that lead to change.

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  • Veröffentlicht : 2022-11-08 16:45:02
  • Kategorien : Innovation   
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