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'The Third Thumb': The future of prosthetic design?

| aktualisiert am 27.Januar 2023 - Innovation 

Dani Clode is designing the prosthetic future. Her company "The Third Thumb" developed a 3D-printed thumb extension for your hand, controlled by your toes. The project is currently being developed and utilized for neuroscientific research in collaboration with The Plasticity Lab at University College London & Cambridge University. 

The Third Thumb explores the relationship between our bodies and augmentative and prosthetic technology. Dani aims to reframe prosthetics as extensions of the body, tries to push the boundaries of prosthetic design and ultimately improve usability and control of future prosthetic and augmentative devices. 

In this episode of "how to be BOLD", Dani Clode tells us about her project, her plans for the future and what it means to be bold as a woman in tech. 

BOLD is a global community initiated by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The ideas generated within our community result in actions and knowledge that have a positive impact on businesses, research, and societies on a global scale. In short: BOLD connects brilliant minds cross-industry and creates unique opportunities that lead to change:

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